Sunday, October 23, 2011

Halloween Party

On Friday night my friend Lindsay (an expat here from Texas) hosted a Halloween party at her apartment. Halloween is a relatively new "holiday" here in Chile, and most of the Chileans had not ever been to a Halloween party before. There were some great costumes, and everyone had a lot of fun. I did not bring a costume from the states, so a few of us went shopping last Friday and found some costumes at a store that sells uniforms for various occupations. I was a doctor, Lindsay was a miner, and Ethel was a Chilean nana (maid/housekeeper). Here are some pictures from the big fiesta:

There was a great spread of food for the party

My favorite - Oreos dipped in white chocolate (colored orange)

Me, Lindsay and Claudia

Ignacio and George (George is from our Greenville office and travels here regularly)

Ethel the nana

Yesterday I played tourist and took a hop on hop off bus tour of Santiago. It was an easy way to see a lot of the highlights of the city. I got lots of pictures, so be looking for another post very soon. Meanwhile, I'm headed to lunch then back up to the rooftop pool to read. The weather has been so nice lately, and it's perfect that my hotel has a pool.


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  1. Hey! Your white coat is longer than mine!! Enjoyed catching up with you tonight!!! Glad you had an enjoyable weekend and got to see more of Chile! Love you and miss you!!