Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A quick update

Today was another cold day in Santiago. Zack looked up the cost for mailing me a jacket, and for $200 I could probably buy 6 nice jackets here! I am planning to go with a group of people on Friday to "Chinatown" here in Santiago (no clue what/where that is), but my friend says they have great jackets there that are not too expensive. We are also on the hunt for Halloween costumes. There is a big Halloween party next weekend that I'm going to...should be interesting.

Just wanted to highlight a few interesting things real quickly:

1) I think my Spanish is improving. Like I said earlier, it is crazy how few people here speak English. There have been several things that I've needed lately (hangers for my closet, a wake-up call, a to-go box at the resaurant, etc.) and I got everything I asked for so I'll take that as a good sign.

2) In Chile, there is a huge gap between the classes of people. There is not much of a middle class. Domestic help is extremely common. Almost everyone has at least one "Nana" (what they call their maid) who comes to the home to clean, cook, grocery shop...whatever you want. I think they get paid about $30-$40 per day. Even in the office, we have ladies who are there to serve coffee and clean our coffee mugs. It's really different.

3) Work news: they ordered a Blackberry for me today. I did not ask for it, but I think they thought it would be nice to give me a way to communicate here locally when I'm not at work. I think that will make life a little easier, and will be good in case I need to make a call locally in Chile when I'm not at work or my room. (Hannah - if you're reading this I still have your phone and am so grateful that you let me borrow it! It has been a nice thing to have during the time that I don't have the BB!)

I think that's about it for tonight. I have to spend some time now on schoolwork for grad school!

Thanks to everyone who has contacted me either via the blog, Facebook, or email!!!!


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